When families choose not to breastfeed, there should never be guilt or shame associated with formula-feeding.

What if formula didn't have to be seen as inferior to breast milk?

Our group of scientists are developing infant formula that is on par with breast milk in nutritional value.  We are changing the way humanity feeds babies.

Help us reach our donation goal of:

2,000 Samples

Send NAMUH a sample of your breast milk for the study of its molecular composition. By joining this project, you’ll get access to perks like expert guidance on infant nutrition, community support, and surprises.

Request a free Project Breast Milk collection kit.

(Collection kit is limited to 1 per person. Only 1 kit will be sent out if multiple are added.)

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Request a free Project Breast Milk collection kit

Join NAMUH’s Project Breast Milk as we work toward a future when every baby can benefit from nutrients found only in breast milk today.

Thanks for your interest in helping get babies the nutrition they deserve! Please note that breast milk donation is available only to U.S. residents at this time.  

By requesting a donation collection kit, I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, and the breast milk I am donating is mine. I understand that the donation of my breast milk to NAMUH is purely voluntary and that my sample is being provided for NAMUH’s research and product development. Other than the cost of mailing the sample to NAMUH, I understand I will not receive any additional compensation. By submitting my breast milk sample to NAMUH, I waive any rights, pecuniary or otherwise, to my breast milk sample and to any product or technology developed by NAMUH and/or its affiliates, related entities, divisions, subsidiaries, parent companies, assigns, or successors. Samples cannot be returned after they are sent to NAMUH. 

I further understand that I will not receive any communication regarding NAMUH’s receipt or analysis of my sample. Once received by NAMUH, breast milk samples are not identified with any personally identifiable information. We do not share your personal information with any third parties other than as expressly stated in our Privacy Policy. Your interaction with our site and our services is further governed by our Terms of Use.

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