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Are you still accepting milk donations? 
Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting Milk donations. If you have a box already, please ship it by December 6th, 2022 as it's the last day that we can accept it.
Can you use spoiled milk (expired) or milk containing traces of alcohol?
Yes, we can accept frozen breast milk at any stage even if it is spoiled/expired, contain traces of alcohol or medicine in the milk. Although fresh milk will provide us with the most in-depth insight, there is still plenty of information that we can get from moderately spoiled milk. 
Do you accept breast milk from vegans (or any other food restrictions)?
Yes, we accept breast milk from vegan moms. Breast milk can be used for our research regardless of the mother's food intake so we also accept breast milk from moms who are vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, etc. 
Can I send you milk in my bags?
Unfortunately due to bags leaking, we can only accept Milk in the bottles provided.
How much breast milk is needed? 
The bottle in our collection kit is 60 mL (about 2 oz). Please fill it up to the clear line near the top of the bottle provided. For those who produce more than that during a session, many choose to simply pour the newly pumped milk from their regular bottles into the collection container.
Can I donate more than one bag, bottle, box of milk? 
We are only accepting one sample of milk per person at this time.  
Do I need to pay for shipping?
Nope, we cover costs of the collection kit including shipping it to you and the return label to ship it back to us. There is no cost to you.
Can I donate if I live outside of the U.S.?
Unfortunately, due to high shipping costs, we are only accepting milk from the U.S. at this time. Please sign up for our emails to get updates on Project Breast Milk and learn about other opportunities to help.
What are you doing with my breast milk?
NAMUH will be studying the molecular components of your milk in various world-class labs to: 

1. Learn more about breast milk since there has been limited research and information. 

2. Develop a data-driven formulation that is molecularly equal to breast milk.
What is your privacy policy?
We will not be leveraging any of your personal information including your name, DNA or address for our study. We will only be using information for shipping and emails.
Isn’t breast milk something that has already been extensively researched?
Breast milk hasn’t been studied as extensively as you may think or expect. Most studies are quite narrow in scope or low in the number of samples due to the lack of funding in this field. 

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