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The pressure on women to breastfeed starts from Day One in the hospital. Yet breastfeeding isn’t always possible, and defaulting to formula comes with guilt and shame. We can no longer stand by and accept the notion that formula must be second to breast milk.

Despite ample breast milk around us, money and scientific resources have not been focused on innovation for infants and mothers.

That’s why our group of scientists are developing the most comprehensive research for infant formula that is on par with breast milk in nutritional value.

We, at NAMUH, believe all babies deserve high quality milk whether from breast or formula.

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Project Breast Milk

We’re making the benefits of breast milk more accessible for all. But we need your help to fulfill our mission.

NAMUH’s Project Breast Milk will change how humanity feeds babies by decoding breast milk nutrition at a molecular level. With help from breastfeeding mothers across the country, we can collect enough data to make our vision a reality.

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Here's how you can help:

Sign up for Project Breast Milk

Collection Kit arrives at your door & ice pack goes into your freezer

Fill bottle and freeze (or provide frozen breast milk in standard storage bag)

Scan QR code and provide basic milk details on the short form

Once completely frozen, place breast milk and ice pack in mailer provided and ship it back

Will you join us to give all babies an equal chance to access quality nutrition?

Request a free Project Breast Milk collection kit

Send NAMUH a sample of your breast milk for the study of its molecular composition. By joining this project, you’ll get access to perks like expert guidance on infant nutrition, community support, and surprises.

Join NAMUH’s Project Breast Milk as we work toward a future when every baby can benefit from nutrients found only in breast milk today.



Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting Milk donations. If you have a box already, please ship it by December 6th, 2022 as it's the last day that we can accept it.

Nope, we cover costs of the collection kit including shipping it to you and the return label to ship it back to us. There is no cost to you.

Yes, we can accept frozen breast milk at any stage even if it is spoiled/expired, contain traces of alcohol or medicine in the milk. Although fresh milk will provide us with the most in-depth insight, there is still plenty of information that we can get from moderately spoiled milk. 

Unfortunately due to bags leaking, we can only accept Milk in the bottles provided.

The bottle in our collection kit is 60 mL (about 2 oz). Please fill it up to the clear line near the top of the bottle provided. For those who produce more than that during a session, many choose to simply pour the newly pumped milk from their regular bottles into the collection container.

Unfortunately, due to high shipping costs, we are only accepting milk from the U.S. at this time. Pleasesign up for our emailsto get updates on Project Breast Milk and learn about other opportunities to help.

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